Tips for a Minimalist Bedroom Design

Minimalistic interior design style is getting more popular today. Minimalism means simple and basic, without utilizing a lot of ornaments or heavy details. And because of this, it creates a roomy and ‘clean’ atmosphere. This style can also be applied in bedroom design. Nowadays finding a spacious house with roomy bedrooms is not easy because big houses are usually very expensive. If you have a small bedroom, you can save space with minimalist beds and other minimalist furniture. In addition to that, you can paint your room with bright colors to give it an air of spaciousness.

A minimalist bed does not have to be uncomfortable. When buying a bed, you have to select the mattress first. A good mattress for a good quality sleep should support your body and not cause back pain or stiff neck when you wake up in the morning. However, different people prefer different types of mattresses. Some people prefer memory foam mattresses, while others prefer latex ones. There are many types of mattresses available, such as memory foam or visco elastic, latex, spring, waterbed, air chamber, and intelli-gel mattresses. For more comfort, you can cover your mattress with your favorite mattress topper. The different types of toppers available are made from polyester, wool, down or goose feathers, memory foam, latex, and cotton fiber.

Platform beds are ideal for a minimalist bedroom design. You should choose a platform with a simple and clean design. The most common material used for making bed platforms is wood, but metal, concrete and bamboo can be used as well. They can also be upholstered for a more stylish look. A minimalist bed usually has short legs or no legs at all. This is intended to create the illusion of a higher ceiling, hence more space. For a more minimalist approach, some people even shun the idea of using bed frames or platforms. Instead, they put their mattress directly on the floor.

People often associate minimalism with boring colors such as white, black or grey. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using your favorite colors. But to keep things simple, you should avoid patterns or motifs. Top your bed with solid colored blanket, bed sheet and pillow cases. Coordinate the colors to create harmony.

For a minimalist bedroom design, you should only use the stuff that you need. Avoid cluttering your room with unnecessary knick knacks. Unnecessary clutter will only make your room messy and uncomfortable. Use only necessary furniture such as a wardrobe and a vanity. Do not use nightstands if you do not need them. Make sure you choose furniture pieces with simple and compact design to suit the theme of the bedroom.

6 Creative Tips on How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Larger

Owning a small bedroom will not be a problem when you know how to decorate and design it in a way that it will seem much larger than it really is. With the right methods and approaches, you will eventually forget that what you have is a small space. The idea of extending a small bedroom into becoming a large one might seem impossible at first, but you can easily achieve this by using several helpful guidelines that will help you to alter the appearance of a small room and turn it, at least seemingly, into something grand.

Below are 5 effective ways in making a small bedroom look more spacious.

Paint your bedroom using pale colors

Lighter colors retreat. Ceilings painted in white always appear higher than usual. Paint your bedroom walls in white, ivory, cream or pale pink hues or other light colors for the walls to appear wider. If you choose to completely paint the whole room in a lighter shade, expect that the room will not just only feel bigger, but it will also appear more spacious. And believe it or not, in the hot summer day, it will give you the feeling of a cooler place.


Clean up your bedroom. Get rid of things that you normally do not use everyday. Clear the things crowding your top dresser and keep them inside the drawer. Your cabinet and wall shelves must look and be decorative. Try to put minimal things and leave a lot of empty space and area to create an extra illusion of added space.

Put Mirrors

Mirrors are not only dispensable for vanity uses. They also amazingly reflect back light. And we know that light has the ability to create an illusion of space. Also, a wall that is lined with mirrors produces an effect in a room to appear twice as huge since the room’s reflection on the mirrors appears just like an entirely separate place.

Create more space

Try to use empty spaces for storing shoes and other items. All other types of clutter should be hid behind curtains. This aspect ties in very well with the decluttering tip mentioned before.

Choose the right bed

The bed is maybe the most essential piece of furniture in a bedroom. Make sure to buy a bed that not only fits the size of your room, but also provides you with enough space for other furniture. Avoid buying extra large beds when you have a small place.

Proper lighting

Having good light in the room is crucial. Depending on the lighting fixture you get, you can easily achieve the illusion of extra space in your bedroom.

Colors For the Small Bedroom – Green Creates a Peaceful Refuge

Green can transform the small bedroom into a beautiful refuge of peace, or make it charmingly innovative and alert. It is one of the most refreshing colors. It has such a tremendous variety of shades that the possibilities for creating individual and attractive small bedroom are considerable.

Since green is a very passive color, you can add a little more zest to the decor by using a mix and match of patterns within that one color. Or you can play with light and dark contrasts. Mixing large patterns with small ones, checks, stripes and poker dots, will all never seem overwhelming since the green color always remains as a center of calmness.

Green has its brighter shades too. A fully saturated green for accessories, contrasted with fresh white walls can look very abstract. This makes it ideal for those who love this color but like an ultra modern interior. Light spring green added sporadically to a room painted in cream-white can look as light and jolly as a fresh spring day. Sage greens create an exceptionally elegant quality.

If you decide on green for the walls, it would be advisable to use a very light shade in combination with lots of white. This will ensure that the room does not appear even smaller than it actually is. If your bedroom happens to be long and narrow, you could paint a stronger shade of green on one of the walls that is at the far end of the room. This will make that particular wall project forward and improve the shape of the room, giving the impression that it is more rectangular.

Green and white can be repeated throughout the decor, for pictures, lamps and carpets. It naturally invites a theme of nature for accessories. This does not mean that the look must be traditional. On the contrary, you can find brilliant designs inspired by nature, but with extremely original and modern artistic interpretations.

It is so easy to create a small, impacting and extremely attractive small bedroom, concentrating on one color. A monotone color scheme is also easy to deal with if you are not very adept at mixing colors. Green is naturally one of the easiest colors to deal with because of its peaceful nature.