Colors For a Small Bedroom – Giant Tulips Add a Colorful Zest to a Small Bedroom

Our local park is exploding with radiant pink, yellow, blue, orange and violet spring flowers: flower power pure! As I returned home from a walk through the park, I asked myself how I could adopt this impacting experience to a decoration for a small bedroom. I soon found the answer, whilst gazing through a super textile collection.

Giant tulips for the small bedroom: I had discovered a gorgeous fabric designed with swirling, dancing tulips. The flowers were printed in dashes of bright pink, orange, violet and yellow. The optimistically, upward curving stems were in a spring green. The rapport consisted of 7 over-dimensional tulips spread over about two meters of fabric, which had a width of 140 cm. This left lots of white space in between, creating a dimensional impression of space. This would be perfect for adding flower power to a small bedroom, without being overwhelming.

The pictorial pattern is excellent for making into straight panels for the windows, walls or for enclosing a wardrobe space. Fixing the panels into trailers would create a Japanese styled, sliding- door effect. The dynamic pattern would appear like a large mural. Alternatively, it would be possible to take one´s own photos of tulips, have them enlarged to make prints, and hang them from the ceiling to floor.

The same tulip pattern was offered in bed linen, which would make a beautiful bed of flowers. Or, alternatively, the bed-linen could be kept in a single color to match one of the tulips.

This flower theme can be adopted to almost any type of flowers. If it is not possible to find a fabric to match the chosen flower, it would be easy to have one´s own photos printed on a fabric surface. However, once you have decided on your favorite flower, you will be surprised how many artistic interpretations of that theme can be discovered within a home furnishing collection.

This is a great idea for adding the joyful, energetic flower power of spring into a small room, without cluttering it up with too much visual information.