Decorating Small Bedrooms

Designing for decorating a small bedroom takes some careful planning. One of the biggest mistakes we see is adding to many things for the room to handle. This makes the room look much smaller than it actually is. You should carefully select the right decor to make your room look spacious. A few simple things you can do to make the most space out of a small bedroom are listed below.

One very important thing to look at is your bedding. We commonly see people make the mistake of selecting floral bedding, curtains and sheets. Not that anything is wrong with floral designs, they just tend to make a room look very busy and appear smaller than they actually are. Both the polka dot and animal print, such as zebra, come in simple designs that will increase the appearance of the room size.

Lighting is also very important, especially in smaller bedrooms. You want to make sure that you use soft lighting and avoid lamps where possible. The new energy saving lights are an excellent choice as they give off the fluorescent lighting and will save you money on your electric bill.

One thing that is very popular in smaller rooms are the loft beds. They can be either the loft beds that require a ladder to get in or the low loft beds. The great thing about these beds are the storage space. It will allow you to store many things that you would have to have extra pieces of furniture for otherwise. If it is a child’s room, the loft beds can have a desk or sitting area underneath the bed. If it is a guest room that you do not wish to have a loft bed in that requires a ladder, the low loft beds are an excellent choice.

Using these simple steps above will increase the appearance of a smaller room. It will make it more inviting and cozy for whomever is sleeping in it.