For Small Bedrooms You Must Consider Loft Beds

Loft beds are beds that are raised up off the floor in order to make the space under the bed available for other purposes. This means that they are particularly useful for people with small bedrooms, including kids and teenagers as well as college students living in dorm rooms.

When loft beds are used in these rooms, the space under the loft bed can be used for all sorts of different purposes. Many times people will put a desk and bookcase underneath the bed for a study area, or a dresser for added storage. Sometimes those with smaller children turn the area into a little play area. It can also be a TV viewing area with a TV and some chairs. The options are endless. You can save a lot of space in this manner. You can even put another bed underneath if you wanted to, making it possible for multiple children to more easily share a small bedroom. Curtains can be put up hanging from the loft to make the area underneath a private space for work or play.

Not only does putting in loft beds give you more usable space in the bedroom, it can also limit the typical hiding places where kids can push stuff out of the way instead of actually cleaning their rooms. They won’t be able to hide stuff under the bed; they will most likely have to put it away where it belongs. You won’t have to worry about finding old food or dirty clothes hidden away any more.

These beds can also be just plain fun for kids, especially if you get one of the beds that are specifically designed to be fun for them. They make loft beds that look like princess castles, tree houses, pirate ships and more fun designs. Kids usually like the idea of being up high where they can see everything around them. Just make sure your child is at least six years old since bunk beds and lofts aren’t recommended for younger kids due to the fact that you have to climb ladders to get up and down and the fact that they are so high up and littler kids don’t necessarily have the judgment to use them safely.